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How to Get There?

Our venue HUKVALDY is located in Moravia close to Ostrava. We are fully aware that the location is a little bit further but the further from Prague it is, the closer to our hearts.:-)  For the bravest ones, we recommend transport by walk or bike, for the others we recommend: 

Car - the journey takes approximately 3 hours and 30 mins from Prague. If you are planning to take a car and you have some spare seats, please let us know. We can publish the possibilities here.

Train - we offer all our guests pick-up points at the railway stations in Studénka and in Ostrava-Svinov (or Ostrava wherever if needed). There are possible trains on 11th of Sept:

1) REGIOJET (7:50 from Prague, 11:24 in Ostrava Svinov)

2) LEOEXPRESS (8:27 from Prague, 11:54 Studénka)

3) ČESKÉ DRÁHY (8:12 from Prague, 11:40 in Ostrava Svinov)

See the pictures below + search your own transport using this link  

Plane - for more information look at the section Travel info (flights).

Before the wedding we can help you to coordinate the transport so everyone is able to come! 

You are also welcome to come on Friday 10th of September and stay in our house! :-)

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